Simple “root-fifth” bass line practice in all 12 keys

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Im doing some Basic bass playing lessons , since I have/have had several intermediate level semipro and working bassplayers as students that are NOT able to transpose even simple basslines, since they have only learned the fingerings and patterns of a specific song and just the inoriginal key. But it is not THAT hard to transpose on bass - or guitar for that matter, since we can move most shapes and patterns up and down the neck with the same fingering. Im playing over a rock backing track ( ive used it before, see some of the previous lessons ) Rock in cycle of Fifths Playback minus bass All Major Chord s played 4 bars each C F Bb/A# ( "/" show the keys that are enharmonic, its not a "slash" chord) Eb/D# Ab/G# Db/C# Gb/F# B E A D G In the first couple of playthroughs im playin mostly "root- fifth" basslines with are pentatonic scale lick in the end of each 4 bar period. Later i play around with going from the root to the third using chromatic notes. Im playing my pink Sandberg California bass, strung with Dunlop nickel strings - gauge 45-105, through a tc electronic RH450 amp's direct output into Logic pro '
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