2. Scales and modes with tetrachords – The minor tetrachord

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Tetrachord priciples as introduced in my lesson "Practicing the Major scale – tips and tetrachords" A series of scale/mode  exercises - continueing with the minor tetrachord scale. The minor tetrachord is a four note scale that can be played with 4 different patterns/fingerings, you should practice them all. Pattern formula is whole step, half step, whole step. Here is Pattern 1,  4 notes on 1 string, A method/series to learn the modes and common scales by dividing an eight note scale into 2 four note scales (the brain has an easier time remembering 1234 1234 than 12345678) You only need to learn 4 different tetrachords to be able to play all 7 modes : Ionian Major, Dorian minor, Phrygian minor, Lydian, Mixolydian Major, Aolian minor, Locrian half diminished. Playlist with Four different fingerings for a minor tetrachord: First all patterns played in sequence, then one by one: Playlist with Four different fingerings for playing a One octave Dorian Minor  scale (a C Dorian minor scale is contructed of two minor tetrachords, the C minor and the D minor tetrachord) Go to previous lesson on Major tetrachords HERE
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