#32 – Bass slap-pluck groove

Stand by me – Bassline Variations #02 (percussive Slap)

Stand by me – Bassline Variations #01 (funky Slap)

Easy Slap Bass Lick #03 (TAB/Guitar Pro/Playalong)

Easy Slap Bass Lick #02 (TAB/Guitar Pro)

Slap Style Bass Lick #07

Easy Slap Bass Lick #01

Slap Style Bass Lick #06


Crazy multi part bass! Danny M’s Duality live excerpts

Slap Style Bass Groove # 04

#31 Bass slapstyle groove

#20 Funky slap bass

#2 Funk slap bass groove

L252 Doublethumb slap in G

L251 E9 or Em9 Doublethumb pattern

L246 E major pentatonic slap bass melody

How to play Teen Town (the slap version)

YTJ09 Gritty funk with strumming, thumbing and chords

L232 E slap with DT and lotsa popping

L230 Slap bass lick in 2 octaves

L228 E slap bass w cross-string hammerons

L225 Em hammeron slapbass

L224 E major pentatonic slap bass melody

YT16 Funk slapping and strum bass

YT 17 marloweDK double thumb slap bass technique

YTJ03 P bass slap #3

YTJ04 P bass slap #2

YTJ02 Gospel style bassline thumb slap

YT07 Doublethumb slap bass lesson

YT08 My double thumbing bass style with lesson

YT09 Slap lesson 2

YTJ01 bass slap jam

L219 E Slap bass in 1st position

bass groove school 07

bass groove school 03

bass groove school 08

L215 Slap bass w left hand hammerons

L207 E slap bass w fast doublethumb fill

L199 Slap bass in E

L193 Fast slap bass in A

L184 Slap bass line in E with G open string variation

L183 G7 bass groove w lotsa’ open G’s

L182 E major pentatonic melodic slap bass

L181 Slap bass groove in C w plucked doublestop

L175 Fast doublethumbing triplets

L166 Funky E7 slapbass #2 "the fill"

L164 Funky E7 slap #1

L152 Doublethumppppp! in G

L151 Slap bass with the “Jimi Hendrix” chord

L151 Slap bass with the "Jimi Hendrix" chord

L149 Em slap with Bm fill

L148 Double pluck in A

L146 slappin’n’tappin’

L146 slapping and tapping bass

L145 LG style turnaround

L142 G funk with strum

L141 Slap groove in E #3

L140 Doublethumb fill in E

L139 Slap bass groove in E #2

L137 Slap groove in E

L132 Double thumb bass groove in E

L127 Slap fill in A

L126 Slap in E with Pulloffs

L123 Slap with cross-string hammerons

L119 E7 slap bass w double thumbing

L108 16′th shuffled DoubleThumb slap in E

L104 Just Doublethumb in E

L103 Slap bass LJ style

L85 Slap bass in D7

L84 Slap w strum and powerchords i Em

L83 Slap bass in A w double thumbing

L80 Groovy slap bass in A

L77 Doublethumbing in A minor

L73 Slap with powerchords and doublethumbing

L72 Swing slap in Dm w DoubleThumb

L71 Swing slap in G

L67 Medium slow slap in G

L65 Slapline w/DT in F7

L64 Slap w Double Thumb in G major

L61 Slapline in E

L58 Slap line in Em

L57 Slap fill in Em

L46 Slap line in C#m

L45 Slap line in A7

L42 Slap bass Em pentatonic fill-line

L39 Slap line w DT in E7

L38 Doublethumb in Eb

L32 Slap in E

L30 Slap line /w DT in E

L26 Slap fill in E

L20 Slap bass in E

L17 Slap bass D w double thumb

L16 Basic slap in E

L14 Slap bass line E7 to A7

L11 Slap bass fill in G

L09 Pentatonic slap fill in E

L08 Doublethumping in D

L07 Shuffle Slap in Em

L05 E7 slap bass line with slides

L04 Slap groove in A



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grunz7: Hi - I am looking for a notation programm that can also handle deadnotes. Maybe even open source? Can you suggest something?

MarloweDK: My Slap bass app is now updated to iOS 7

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