L248 A blues bass lick

L247 C9 groove

L244 Groove bass in G with fill

L242 Dm fill over Gm

L241 Bluesy doublestop fill in C

Walking blues bass lesson

L240 A major soul groove

L237 Funky Em lick with Bm pentatonic fill

L235 Funky D bass groove in 2 octaves

L234 Jazzy Em to A7 lick

SC02 Major pentatonic scale from the 5th

L233 Bass fill in A

L229 Hip pentatonic pattern in A major

L227 A major pentatonic scale melody

L223 Rocco style funky bass in C7

L222 2 bar fast fill in E

L221 A7 to D7 in jaco style 6ths

YTJ05 finger funk with pickup slap

YT14 jaco'ish bass line 3 finger technique

YT11 Rocco style funk A7 to D7

YT04 G maj C maj chord bass lesson

bass fill school 03

bass groove school 09

bass groove school 01

bass groove school 02

bass groove school 04

bass groove school 05

L216 A major pentatonic bassline w fill

L214 A blues/pentatonic fill

L213 E7 fast bluesy bass run

L212 E7 descending blues bass lick

L211 Disco funk bass

L210 Minor pentatonic solo bass fills

L209 Groove bass D7

L208 Bluesy bass fill i D7

L206 E major pentatonic melody

L205 G major / E minor bassgroove

L204 C major bassline with trill

L203 Gm bass fill with Dm arpeggio

L202 Am bass fill with trill and slides

L201 Bass fills with trills

L198 G7 bass groove / fill

L197 A7 fast bass fill

L196 Shuffle bass fill in C

L195 Blues bass fill/run in G7

L194 Shuffle major pentatonic bluesy line

L191 Am blues bass lick with diminished run

L190 G bluesy bass fills

L189 Blues scale bass fills in A

L187 Gm disco groove