Funky Fingerstyle Bass Lick #01 (with TAB/GuitarPro)

“Just Bass” Song #01

60 CHORDS made EASY on the BASS!

Classic Bass Lick – The Joker

Dead Note Bass Groove #05

#33 – Bass funk&rake groove

#32 – Bass slap-pluck groove

BASIC CHORD MELODY /// Quick Bass Lessons Number 2 /// Pablo Elorza.

CONTINUUM (Jaco Pastorius) /// Deep Into Electric Bass Classics /// Pablo Elorza.

The Chicken; Advanced soloing concepts

Stand by me – Bassline Variation with Fingerstyle Deadnotes

Deadnote Bass Lick #04

jammin’ with Mike Clark on drums !!

Groovin’ with Steve Gadd drum sample

“JACO” Licks in E7 – Lesson

Riff #11 – Led Zeppelin – “Ramble on”

Riff #7 – Stevie Wonder – I wish

Lights Of Heaven – Joe Satriani

#30 Rock bass riff

#29 Funky bass groove

#28 Bass fingerstyle groove with rake

#27 Bass fingerstyle funk groove

Jaco Pastorius – “Kuru”

“Partage” – with TAB and backingtrack

#26 Bass slap funk groove

#24 Bass guitar groove with harmonics part 1

#22 Nice fingerstyle bass groove

“Présentation” – with TAB and backingtrack

#19 Fingerstyle bass groove Am

Style Carles Benavent

#18 Shuffled fingerstyle bass groove

#16 Funk bass jam

Esperanza Spalding – I know you know

#14 Fingerstyle bass groove with rake & hammerons

#13 Fingerstyle bass groove with 16th notes

Groove #01

Style John Patitucci

Improvisation part III

Improvisation part II

Improvisation part I

#12 Fingerstyle bass groove

#11 Fast Bass DoubleThumb groove

Style Steve Bailey

#10 Fingerstyle bass groove

Gary Willis Style #03

6 string bass – lesson #01

The BassLab – Ep1 – “Surfin’ with Log Drums”

Bassline on fretless lesson 1

Bass lick Geddy Lee style

L254 3 octave D7 bluesy bass lick