1. Bass fretboard fitness with the pentatonic scale

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites The 5 positions of the A minor / C Major pentatonic scale Since the pentatonic scale contains 5 notes, you can play it from 5 different positions, learn those patterns and your fretboard knowledge will gain significantly. Remember that after the 5 position / pattern , the sequence will start over an octave above Looking at the minor pentatonic scale with the root A as in this example from the lowest note E on the 4 string bass, we get 4th position E (open string) 5th position G (3rd fret) 1st position A (5th fret, root position, in the video i start here) 2nd position C (8th fret) 3rd position D (10th fret) 4th position (E, 12th fret) 5th position (G, 15th fret) 1st position (A, 17th fret) and then i run out of fretboard on a standard 4 stringer. And if we look at it as the C Major pentatonic scale 3rd position E (open string) 4th position G (3rd fret) 5th position A (5th fret) 1st position C (8th fret, root position) 2nd position D (10th fret) 3rd position (E, 12th fret) 4th position (G, 15th fret) 5th position (A, 17th fret) Download a diagram of the five positions here From http://playbassnow.com Im playing the Sandberg "MarloweDK signature" bass
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