Recommended listening

This list is a work in progress:)
Selected highlights from individual albums are in “( )”

Graham Central Station w/ Larry Graham on bass

Everything you can get your hands on, but if I should choose some albums it would be:

Aint no doubt about it (the Jam, Water… )
Now do you wanna dance (Earthquake…)
Graham Central Station (Hair, Can you handle it… )
Release yourself (Release yourself, Hey mr writer, Feel the need)
My radio sure sound good to me (Pow, Turn it out, Boogie witcha baby, its the engine in me…)
Release yourself (Release yourself, Hey mr writer, Feel the need)

Sly and the Family stone

Back on the right track (Same thing, Shine it on…) w/ Keni Burke on bass

Brothers Johhnson

It was first after seeing the brothers J on german tv in the late 70′s, i found out that you could hit your bass with the thumb:-D

Look out for #1 (I’ll Be Good To You, Get The Funk Out Ma Face, Come Together)
Right on Time (Right On Time, Strawberry Letter 23)
Blam! (Ain’t We Funkin’ Now, Blam, Mista’ Cool)
Light Up the Night (Stomp!)

Stanley Clarke

Stanley Clarke (Lopsy Lu)
School days (School days, Quit Afternoon, Hot Fun )
Journey To Love (Silly Putty, Journey To Love)
The Clarke/Duke Project w George Duke (Wild dog, Louie Louie)


Bernard Edwards on bass

C’est Chic (Le Freak, Happy Man)

George Duke

w/ Byron Miller  on bass

Reach for it (Reach for it…)
Brazilian Love affair (Brazilian Love affair… )
Follow the Rainbow (Party down, Funkin’ for the thrill, I am for real, Pluck…)


w/ Abe Laboriel on bass

More Than Just a Feelin’ (Cuando, Give your love, Funky bumpkins )

The Brecker Brothers

w/ Will Lee, Marcus Miller, Neil Jason on bass

Back to Back (Dig A Little Deeper, If You Wanna Boogie, Slick Stuff, Grease Piece, Night Flight, Keep It Steady)
Heavy metal bebob (East River, Sponge, Some Skunk Funk, Funky Sea, Funky Dew)
Detente (You ga ta give it, Dont get funny with my money, Tee’d off, Squish)

Lee Ritenour

w/ Abe Laboriel, Marcus Miller, Louis Johnson, Chuck Rainey

First course (Sweet syncopation, Fatback,Caterpillar)
Feel the Night (Feel the night, Wicked wine, French roast, Uh Oh!) Abe Laboriel in his prime!
In Rio (Rio funk)

Herbie Hancock

/w Paul Jackson, Louis Johnson

Man-Child (Hang up your hangups, The Traitor )
Feets dont fail me now (Tell everybody)
Thrust (Actual proof, Spank-A-Lee)

Tower of Power

/w Francis Rocco Prestia

Everything! But if you have to choose some albums:

Urban renewal
(Only So Much Oil In The Ground, Maybe It’ll Rub Off, Give Me The Proof, Walkin’ Up Hip Street)
In the slot
(Just Enough And Too Much, If I Play My Cards Right, On The Serious Side, Drop It In The Slot, Ebony Jam)

James Brown

w/ Bootsy Collins . Everything but especially:

In the jungle groove
(Give It Up Or Turnit A Loose, Funky Drummer, Talkin’ Loud & Sayin’ Nothing, Soul Power )

David Sanborn

w/ Neil Jason, Marcus Miller

Hideaway ( Hideaway, Anything you want, Creeper, Again and again)
Voyeur (Run for cover)

Jaco Pastorius

Jaco Pastorius (Donna Lee, Come on – come over, Continuum, Portrait of Tracy) Jaco’s solo debut album from 1976, after that the bassplaying world had changed forever
Word of mouth (Three views of a secret, Chromatic fantasy, Blackbird)
Invitation (Invitation, The Chicken )

Weather Report

w/ Jaco Pastorius

Heavy Weather (Birdland, Teen Town, Palladium, Havona)



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