Recommended learning materials

Books that I can recommend:

The Music lesson by Victor Wooten

Fantastic book about playing, practicing and evolving as musician and human being.

Not a method book as such – but so inspiring and will open your eyes and send you back to square 1 (in a good way).

The rhythm / time advice alone is reason eneough to buy it – and thats just a fragment of the gold buried in this book.

Im practicing hard again…

Chord studies for electric bass by Joseph Viola

Great for expanding your upper register skills
Standard notation, reading skills required
Level: Intermediate/advanced

Groove Mastery by Onedia James A fine method to understand and find “the groove” or “pocket”. Good playalong examples and the practice advice offered in this book is right on the money.
Standard notation, reading skills required.
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Standing in the shadows of Motown – the Life and Music of Legendary Bassist James Jamerson by Allan “Dr. Licks” SlutskyHistorical facts and exact transcriptions of Jamersons greatest basslines with recorded versions played by the worlds greatest bassplayers.
Standard notation, reading skills required.
Level: Intermediate/advanced
The Funkmasters – the Great James Brown Rhythm Sections by Allan “Dr. Licks” SlutskyHistorical facts and exact transcriptions of bass, drums and guitar with playalong tracks with the original players.
Standard notation and TAB
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Slap it- Tony Oppenheim

The first book on the slapstyle made and the first one of two ive used on that subject, all the the basic slap techniques.
Still holds its own.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/advanced

Evolving Bassist by Rufus ReidOne of the 2 books that taught me to “walk”

Level: Intermediate/advanced

The Improvisor’s Bass Method: For Electric & Acoustic Bass by Chuck SherGreat book on scales, chords, improvisation

Level: Intermediate/advanced

DVD’s I’ve been inspired by and learnt from

Jaco Pastorius – Modern Electric BassEven though it wasnt Jaco in his prime, theres a lot of great exercises and inspiration to be had from this title. Includes some great jams with John Scofield on guitar and Kenwood Dennard drums.

Level: Intermediate/advanced

John Patitucci – Complete Electric Bass, Vol. 1 and 2A compilation of his vol 1, playing grooves in different styles and the vol 2, with eartraining and the best “how to solo over scales” i’ve ever experienced.
A lot to be learned from this dvd.
Level: Intermediate/advanced
Louis Johnson: Instructional DVD For BassHad this on video and wore it out

Its the real funk played by the real funkateer!

Level: Intermediate/advanced

Chuck Rainey – the legendary bassistHad this on video
Great slap technique and playing tips from one of the studio masters

Level: Intermediate/advanced

The Slap Bass Program by Alexis SklarevskiGreat DVD to get the slap techniques down

Level: Beginner/Intermediate/advanced

Software that I can recommend:

Band in a box

Band-in-a-Box is an intelligent automatic accompaniment program, which means that you can go from nothing to complete song arrangements in as little as a few seconds. Simply enter chords to a song, choose a style of music, and Band-in-a-Box does the rest, generating a full band arrangement complete with Bass, Piano, Drums, Guitar, Strings, and more.

I use it all the time for practicing playing over chords and progressions, makes scale practice fun!



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