5. Reading charts – Actual parts from my tv gig (artist Billy Cross)

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Ive been allowed to provide you with the actual written bass parts, done by my musical director Jan Glæsel for the danish talk show Meyerheim, where i have the basschair in the houseband. We typically play 2 songs by either a international or local danish artist in each show. The bass parts are mostly in written out music with the sample bassline and chord symbols. Specific fills and bass line variations are up to my own judgement. We usually get both the mp3 and the score in good time before the shows, so there is plenty of time to dwelve into the original tracks if needed (I like to be as close to the original, but with one or two fills of my own when appropiate) But its not always written out bass parts you get, sometimes the whole band gets a rhythm section "leadshet" - a roadmap with the form, chords and important breaks/kicks. This time it is a leadsheet we all played after. A song we did with danish artist Billy Cross - No One Here Gets Out of This Alive You can download the pdf, while you play to the youtube video or the original if you have that (This is the original pdf file, in a few cases small changes have been made to the arrangement prior to performing, but for the most parts are correct) DOWNLOAD No one here gets out alive - Leadsheet HERE


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