Private lessons / videos

Live Video chat lesson with Skype

Sign up for 1 on 1 video lessons, price is 60 US $ or 40 € for an hour. Topics can be chosen be you - how to play a certain song (that i know), a specific technique, general music theory/knowledge. OR I will on your first "consultation", diagnose you and and make a prescription for your improvement;-) I use Skype with a Skype account My screen name  on Skype is thomas.risell You'll have to have a Skype account/username You will need a webcam and a hi-speed internet connection. We also have to figure out timezone issues, Im located in Copenhagen, Denmark. and that is in CET Central European Time, im 9 hours ahead of California and 6 hours ahead of Pennsylvania Sign up here

Private Lessons IRL (Danish students mainly)

I teach students in central Copenhagen (close to Nørreport trainstation), Denmark Call me: +45 30 26 73 34 or mail me

Custom Video lesson on a song or subject you choose

If you are not available for personal tuition, I can make you a custom video on the subjects you choose It could be a song you are struggling with, some theory concepts, technique questions etc Price is 50$ an hour , same as for personal tuition, but if its a general technique that could benefit others i might do it for less - its something i decide mind you. I record and upload the video to my site from where you can download it