How to play “Get On the Floor” by Michael Jackson

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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Got the news early on May 22 that Louis "Thunder Thumbs" Johnson had passed away.  Like many others Louis was a big influence on my playing and I thought it would be cool to do a quick tut on probably one of the most cold blooded bass grooves out from him and that's the groove from "Get on the Floor" from Micheal Jackson's 1979 "Off the Wall Album" . What I will so you here is pretty accurate with my own added variations. In addition to his work with his brother ,  George 'Lightnin' Licks'Johnson,  Louis play bass on SO many tracks produced by Quincy Jones and is also the cat who played the bass on "Billie Jean". The loss of BB King kicked everyone in the stomach last week. I can really only speak for myself but this one kicks too for sure but there seems to be a lingering effect for bass players. IF you don't know who Louis Johnson and the Brothers Johnson are you should really check them out. It'll change your life!

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