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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Okay, so here we are again after a broken nose and a marriage (both on my part, lucky me) 🙂 Although, Digthatbass.com lessons come usually without talk on the video, this time I felt it was necessary to do a bit of show'n' tell  and do some talking since I found so many little details to pay attention to that written advice alone could not suffice Bobby's piece. I do not enjoy wathcing myself talking but I hope you do 🙂 Bobby Vega's is one of the coolest cats around - he is the counter-argument for pick hater bassists. His pumping lines are super cool, musical and a joy to listen to no matter whether he plays slapping, fingerstyle, or with a pick. While he is best known for his bombastic pick-style playing, if you ever checked any of his solo records, you'll notice how creative and diverse his music is. Bobby is someone who knows flash but he also knows to serve a song while having tremendous amounts of fun. I have never played pick-bass before, so this was a whole new adventure for me as well - it was important for myself as well to re-live the number one rule of learning something new - SUPER-SLOW! I literary went eyeballing Bobby's video for hours and putting the line together note-by-note, detail by detail. I guess as usual, i did not reach the "bobbyvega-badass-level" in regards to the fluency and the relaxed explosiveness of the line but it should be enough to teach you some fun 🙂 In the video, I talk about four details to watch when you learn this excerpt:
  1. how to hold the pick with your fingers?
  2. how to hold your right hand?
  3. how to achieve that pulse that pumps your ears? 🙂
  4. what left hand does and how it works together with the right hand?
As I'll go into all of these in detail in the video, there is no written part for pieces of advice this time, we'll see how that works out. Usually the motions I show you slow in the video are exaggerated (like lifting the fretting finger after the note is played) and there are a few little mistakes here and there (for example while i show you the pattern of sixteenth notes and play down-up, i am telling up-down instead) but i hope with the corrections of Bobby in the background, you'll get the gist of it 🙂 If you have any questions, comment on the Youtube video and i'll answer! The video does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use). Check out the original video at Basstheworld.com! Check out Bobby's homepage and support him! After a free registration, for Digthatbass.com members there is a free GuitarPro5 file! cheers,

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