Demonstration of the Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 Combo Amplifier

Nate Perry proudly presents a lesson from:


FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites This is me banging around on the Line 6 LowDown Studio 110 Combo amp and testing out the different presets. I am pretty amazed at how good this little amp sounds and the presets are a good starting point from which to dial in a good tone pretty quickly. Digital modeling has really come a long way. The amp has 4 presets: Clean, R&B, Rock and Grind w/a 4 band variable EQ, headphone jack, etc. etc. Great practice amp, would be fine on small gigs and sounds great in the studio. The XLR out on the back makes it very easy to plug and play in the studio and get a good tone right off the bat. I am a little old fashioned when it comes to bringing an amp this small to a gig though in any venue larger than 100 capacity, but if you were in a situation where the FOH engineer could give you the stage volume you needed in your monitors then you could definitely count on the sound guy being happy with the direct out your were sending him. Still, for all practical purposes, a studio or practice amp. Favorite preset: GRIND Please note: Video was shot on the fly using an iPod Nano, so please excuse the narrow screen view. I was, however, pretty happy with the quality of the audio from the Nano recording, so the listener can get a good feel for the sound of the amplifier.  
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