Rajoe’s Lesson#4 // Avishai Cohen – It’s been so long

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Avishai Cohen is one of my favorite upright bassists - his playing is characterized by an enormous musical power, driving rhythm and a very melody-centered approach. I've seen him live with his trio (Shai Maestro, Amir Bresler) and it was one of my most memorable concerts ever - simply amazing, masterful, emotional and mind-boggling... i can't praise this guy enough. I can really encourage you to check out his music if you haven't already - he is amazing both live and on the record. It's been so long is a song from the album Aurora - the song's raw power and beauty is in its simplicity - there is only bass and vocals. Avishai himself sings over his bass-playing and towards the end of the song, Karen Malka joins the vocals. The song itself is played freely, melody and bass is played simultaneously - if you want a challenge, try singing over it (i can't :)) If you really want to compare it to something, you can say that it is inspired by Jaco, it is like a vocal-bass interpretation of Continuum....but don't misunderstand me, it is an original on its own 😉 With this lesson I learned how hard it is to play really slow - as the original is at 95 bpm, the half tempo is around 48 - you will see and hear that at this speed it is very hard to play exactly on time - here and there are, i made some minor slips in time, i have to work on that at that tempo 🙂 As a new feature of my site (www.digthatbass.com), after a free registration, you can download a FREE GUITAR PRO file for personalized practice - in that file, you will see the chords written out and you can change the tempo for yourself. If you have any feedback or comment, don't hesitate!
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