Piccolo bass jam in the dorian minor mode

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites More fun with my 1988 Tune Bass Maniac strung with piccolo bass strings. The loop is from George Benson's The Thinker from the album That's Right. Its a Gm7 C7 vamp - and is mostly the Gm dorian mode - i give some scale tips in the end of the video Ive learned a lot about improvising over the Dorian minor mode by listening to George Benson and in particular this album. Great thing about playing the thinner strings is that you get blazing speed compared to normal bass, its good for the confidence 😉 Scales possible are more or less all the diatonic modes of the Major scale (actually its just the different steps of the same F Major scale) 1 F Major ionian , F Major pentatonic 2 Gm dorian (the "root" mode of this tune), Gm pentatonic, G minor blues scale 3 Am phrygian, Am pentatonic 4 Bb Major lydian, Bb Major pentatonic 5 C Mixolydian (C dominant 7), C Major pentatonic 6 Dm Aolian, Dm pentatonic 7 Emb5 locrian
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bjorn said,

May 1, 2013 @ 7:06 pm

Great tone and melody!


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