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Well, here is the second part of Jeff Berlin’s Bach – you can find the first one with a longer desrciption here! Stay tuned once again, two more parts are following!

When I recorded the Bona-lesson, I decided to take my bass to a pro and set it up – that happened now, and all I can say – it makes a huge difference. Jeff talked about lightening your touch on the bass, and wow. Years of stupidity on my side. A well setup bass is so much more fun and confidence to play – the guy who set it up for me just did an amazing fretjob, adjusted the neck, tightened the neckpocket and now my little bass has incredibly low action with a nice growl. Remember, we are talking about a Squier standard JB here! I encourage you to spend a little money on that if you are still a beginner.

Bear this in mind while learning this piece: let the amp do the work, and light your touch on both hands. The lighter you pluck, the faster you get. But begin slow to become even, record yourself and listen to yourself so you can spot the weak points 🙂 Have fun!

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