Lesson #23 // Jaco Pastorius – Kuru – groove & string section unison line


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This is the long-promised second part of my little Jaco-lesson-trilogy, here is the first 🙂 Have you ever noticed in Kuru that Jaco goes unison with the string section around 1.57? Here's the lesson for you! I have been looking for this little excerpt for a long time, but it seems no official Jaco book has it, and I haven't even found anything about it on the Internet, so I thought I'd transcribe it! It's basically an Am7 pentatonic line with accented notes so harmonically it is not that complicated, but as far as stamina and feel goes, it's rather a challenge 🙂 The groove itself is a killer and this unison line manages to top that! Recently I have been experimenting with talking again in the videos, so this time, all advice is there.
Also, what is more, this lesson will be featured on Kris Rodgers AKA Dmanlamius' site, Learnbass.net. I am sure you all know this great guy who was among the first who published free bass lessons on Youtube and now he is retiring his channel which is kind of sad, but he still was kind enough to invite guest teacher to be featured on his channel. He is also on his last "low end warrior quest" and he is doing a video every day which means a tons of sacrifice and hard work. So I am kindly asking you to take the time and support Kris in any way you can, he has given a lot to the bass community during the years - let's try to keep free bass lessons alive with that gesture 🙂 BIG thanks for Kris for featuring this lesson! The video does not intend to violate any laws or copyrights, it is to be used for educational purposes (fair use). The original song can be purchased at Amazon and iTunes!
I guess as a bass player, you alread knew Jaco, but keep supporting the Jaco legacy, listen to and buy his records, check out Jacopastorius.com or check out his amazing son, Felix Pastorius! For members, there a free GuitarPro5 file at Digthatbass.com! cheers, R
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