Lesson #13 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 3)


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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites This lesson is the last of three, if you missed it, here is the - first and second. The refrain builds on simple harmony changes (D-C-G), but just watch (listen) what Wilbur does 😉 The first two bars seem plain simple 'just' a few dead notes but listen to the original and check out how that locks in with the drummer. In the second two bars, instead of using just the roots,  the harmonies are once again spelled out - the beginning is a funky octave hit, and then basically a sort of a walking bass line outlining the chords follows, but of course spiced with a grooveish feel. Notice the usage of open strings which are even more important in the fitfth and sixth bar: basically a major chord is voiced (D-Fsharp) using the D open string and then a lighting fast triplet fill is played, the right hand just rakes the muted notes, and suddenly we should arrive at the other end of the fingerboard on a low G. That's fretboard gymnastics for sure. And if that is not sweaty enough, another musical style approaches us through the last part of this line : there are some very cool slides and a sixteenth note fill in the last two bars which remind me of Blues or Bluegrass guitarist or banjo players - a curious fact that Wilbur also played on an album entitled "Black Grass Music" - similar lines to be heard there as well. Well, these are just another 8 bars from Hare Krishna, I hope with the other two lessons, you can pickup the 'Wilburisms' and transcribe the rest of the song - it is definitely fun to learn.

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