Lesson #12 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 2)


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This lesson is the second part of this lesson. Third part should arrive in a day 🙂

In this instance, we go into the bridge (sort of) section - it begins with a pumping line of 4 bars with sixteenth notes, quite a task to get it done clean with all the dead and muted notes at the original fast tempo. After that, from one string the pumping line opens up and gives you a new challenge by having the same pulse on 3 strings instead of one using only simple fifths and octaves (F-C-F octave). For that part you can choose two fingerings - either to use your pinky to fret both the fifth and the octave, or to use your ring and pinky to fret the fifth and the octave - just experiment around with it and find out which is more comfortable for you.

Then comes the part which is most probably slapped on the record, still, I decided to use my fingers and powerful picking instead since I am (still) not that good at slappin' and poppin'. Otherwise, I also noticed watching Marcus Miller that sometimes you cannot 'hear' a difference between light slapping and hard fingerstyle if the bass is active. I am also pretty sure Wilbur has an active circuit in his P-bass, so I cannot really decide how this part really was played - in the end, it's your choice how you master this part 🙂

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