Lesson #11 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 1)


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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Okay, so you probably know that i am quite a Wilbur fan, and you probably saw some Hair covers on my previous channel or saw my recent attempt on Hare Krishna here. And now, here is the first lesson for it - there will be three lessons, I will pick three excerpts where he plays fun parts or some crazy fills for you! This first excerpt goes into the very first verse where the bass comes in - there is no foreplay ladies and gents, Wilbur hits it immediately 🙂 By utilizing the open strings, and doing muted percussive notes the bass just grabs you from the first bar and then it pulls you with a slide up to higher registers where he pops in some open string notes as well (all chord notes!!) and another amazing flick before he goes back to low notes, and then, for the second time, we can hear a great variation on this heavenly line. For the great relaxed slides, listen to the original recording as well, since the feel is pretty hard to get, erhmm, for me as well ;S The trick is to hold down both notes while sliding up (Eb and A) and when you arrive on the target fret, only the higher note should be voiced, the second, lower note is muted somewhere in between 😉 it is quite a challenge to arrive on the correct time on the correct fret, i hear myself a bit shaky with the metronome, but i hope you get the idea. As for the fingering - experiment with your own, since i found a rather uneconomical fingering to be working for me - the second bar's first few notes could be rather played with my left pinky, instead of my index, but somehow, it stuck with me that way. Well, have fun with these slides and pop-corn machine notes, in the next lesson we will focus on 'bridge" section.
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