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In this collection of excerpts from a recent Skype lesson, Joachim (in France) and I (in California) discuss some groove concepts using the Meters’ tune “Cissy Strut” as a basis.

This video gives a brief glimpse into my teaching style and student experience. You will also see how convenient Skype can be for one on one lessons.

Students get a full screen view as noted by Joachim’s comments in the video. The “cut off” in the video is cause by Skype Recorder and is not experienced during lessons.

Groove Academy: Lessons, Tips and Random bits for Bass

I am a bassist and music teacher originally from New Orleans. In addition to a busy as a sideman in various projects I am the local bassist for the legendary co-founder of the Original Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste.

I have been blessed to have shared stages with Outkast, the Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Maroon 5, The Donnas, the Dave Mathews Band, the Roots, Longview, Crossfade, Better than Ezra, Collective Soul, the Dresdon Dolls and Raphael Saadiq .

I have also played and recorded with members of Smashmouth and members of Michael Bolton, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson & David Bowie’s backing bands.

I am a proud endorser of:
Aguilar Amplification
MXR Bass Innovations, Jim Dunlop
Mono Cases
Mike Lull Custom Guitars
Gruv Gear

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