Funky Friday #8 – Sexy MF guitar solo

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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Subscribe to to receive lessons and tips that are exclusive for subscribers only. In this 8th installment of the Groove Academy's Funky Friday series I will show you a note for note break down of Levi Seacer's guitar solo from Prince's song "Sexy MF" About me: I am a bassist and music teacher originally from New Orleans. In addition to a busy as a sideman in various projects I am the local bassist for the legendary co-founder of the Original Meters, Zigaboo Modeliste. I have  been blessed to have shared stages with Outkast, the Black Eyed Peas, Evanescence, Maroon 5, The Donnas, the Dave Mathews Band, the Roots, Longview, Crossfade, Better than Ezra, Collective Soul, the Dresdon Dolls and Raphael Saadiq . I have also played and recorded with members of Smashmouth and members of Michael Bolton, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson & David Bowie's backing bands. I am a proud endorser of: Aguilar Amplification MXR Bass Innovations, Jim Dunlop Mono Cases Mike Lull Custom Guitars Gruv Gear "Sexy MF" is a single released on June 30, 1992, by Prince and The New Power Generation, from the Love Symbol album.[1] The B-side was "Strollin'", from the previous year's Diamonds and Pearls. The UK CD single had a third track, "Daddy Pop", also from Diamonds and Pearls. The song (named after the chorus line "You sexy motherfucker") caused some controversy,[2] and an edited version, "Sexy Mutha," was created for radio and the music video, as well as the "clean version" of the U.S. album. "Sexy MF" is a merger of "old school" funk with modern R&B music. The song is built around the drums and bass, though the bass-line is somewhat subdued. Added to this is a consistent electric rhythm guitar undertone and horn stabs from the NPG Hornz. Throughout the song, the horns are given the chance to shine, along with a sax solo from Brian Gallagher. Musical solos are also provided by Levi Seacer, Jr. (guitar) and Tommy Barbarella (organ). The music and most of the lyrics were composed by Prince, while Seacer came up with the chorus and the song's title. Tony M. delivers a rap which he wrote. Recently, it has been covered by the Dave Matthews Band as a segue into their hit "Jimi Thing." The song was recorded in Paisley Park Studios' Studio A. The title line was recited into a Shure SM57 by Levi Seacer, Jr.
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