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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites For the full lesson and transcriptions visit the-groove-academy.com A few years ago I got the chance to sub for a popular Duran Duran tribute band called Sing Blue Silver. This was the perfect excuse to dig into some fun music from my youth and maybe an excuse to rock the parachute pants one more time....um, no. What I did get to see was that John Taylor was more than a pretty face! The "beast" of the set was, you guessed it, "Rio" from the 1982 record of the same name. It's not that the song is "hard", per se. It's just quick at around 140 bpms and there are more than a couple of standard funk conventions in the groove most notably the dotted eight note/ sixteenth note figure.   There are four distinct grooves: Verse, Chorus, Break down, Sax Solo Take a look below at the Main Groove of  the verse section. I urge caution when reading the transcription. Not because the notes are incorrect but because there are things that just can't be written in and things that might be able to be written in just 'messy-up' (what a limited vocabulary I have this morning) the transcription. I'll show you the other "stuff " in the video.                        

sjsslimgator said,

August 8, 2012 @ 12:25 am

looking lessons for steely dan songs, chuck rainey is awesome


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