#29 Funky bass groove


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FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Funky fingerstyle bass groove. I used my Fender Jazz bass 3TS and DUNLOP MXR M-80 DI+. It is mainly used minor pentatonic with added b5, 3, 6 and a little rake. If you need tabs write me an e-mail: mcrtchan@mail.ru

firesarim said,

June 30, 2011 @ 9:33 am

Hey Miha, I e-mailed your account for this tab, is it available? I think it is some awesome work. Cheers. My account is d3002@hotmail.com

stuarthurman said,

June 23, 2011 @ 7:32 am

I’m a new user to this site, who is a trumpet player – please don’t hold it against me! I was in an open jam session in a bar last week and ended up playing just me & a bass player and the sound was good and the audience liked it. I’m moving to Dohar at the end of the week, so it may take me a while to find any musicians to play with, so in the meantime, can anyone point me in the direction of any bass riffs I can download and practice with? I’m most interested in funk for this one, but punk, blues, jazz, – I’m open to basically anything on the bass front. finally, if you’d like to see me in action with a punk band in Beijing [where I lived before] to show I’m not making this up, then go to


…anyway, any help will be much appreciated!

MarloweDK said,

June 19, 2011 @ 9:02 pm

Man, you make the meanest grooves!:-)


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