Rene Reyes, 1488 One Octave Scale Shapes/Patterns and other variations for Bass or Guitar
1488 Bass or Guitar scales

Live concerts with all the great bands from the 60’s and on, you’ll find stuff here with your favorites you never heard before

Wolfgang’s Vault – The world’s greatest selection of music memorabilia- and live concert recordings

Good bass site for beginners / intermediate players

Another good resource for beginners / intermediate players – heck, we can all learn something from going over the basics again

Good bass community with great tools ie an online backing track builder

(click the menuitem “track builder” for the before metioned) – Free online electric bass lessons using audio and video. This site also features a tablature section and links to many bass and music resources.

Good beginner/ intermediate video tutorials

Basscommunity with lessons and midifiles

The international institute of bassists

Fine site with bass related tutorials , news, gear reviews etc

If you want to experiment with a cheap experimental/alternative bass, this company may be what you’re looking for. I bought a shortscale SX jazz bass type i’ve set up as piccolobass – See it in action here -, and a fretless SX jazz bass type – See it in action here. Of course you can buy more expensive basses but with price tags from 100 – 140$, you can afford to but that experimental model – next time ill probably get an 8 string(!), they’re really great for the price.

Various transcriptions of basslines/

Stefan got a great website where he showcases his great band to – listen in awe…

Living room rock gods!

Well, I guess i can also qualify as one:-)

A french bass site
A brillant music theory site with exercises – Wissen und Lernen/
A German bass site

Brazilian bass site