Lick of the day transcriptions

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L282 Picked octave groove in D

L290 Em pentatonic bassline

L291 Bouncy disco bass line

L292 16ths galore in G

L293 Am bass lick

L294 Jazzy bluesy lick in A

L298 Extended blues scale exercise in A

L299 Hip Cm7 pattern using the Bb Major pentatonic scale

L300 C7 bluesy lick

L303 Slapbass with doublethumbing L239 E slap bass w ascending 6ths L255 Em7 dorian lick 1st position L257 Em7 dorian scale bass lick from the minor 3rd L259 Em7 dorian bass lick from the 4th L262 Swinged soul groove in C Major L263 Heavy bluesy bass in D L264 Fast Em dorian scale bass fill L270 C Major pentatonic lick L271 D9 bass groove w open string L274 Gm pentatonic lick in 5 positions L207 E slap bass w fast doublethumb fill L211 Disco funk bass L212 E7 descending blues bass lick L213 E7 fast bluesy bass run L217 Heavy bluesy pentatonic in E L218 Heavy pentatonic w chromatic notes L222 2 bar fast fill in E L229 Hip pentatonic pattern in A major L230 Slap bass lick in 2 octaves L233 Bass fill in A L155 A major soul groove L159 G finger funk L119 E7 slap w DT L161 Disco bass w open string run L100 A7 groove w fill L136 A minor 9 groove L137 Slap groove in E L103 Slap bass Louis Johnson style L104 Just doublethumb in E L152 Doublethumpppp in G L76 Harmonizing the major pentatonic scale L77 Doublethumbing in A minor L80 Groovy bassline in A L82 Funky Am bassline, with fill L83 Slapline in A w/ DT L85 Slapline in D7 L90 16th note groove in C7 L92 Doublethumb exercise Am L93 Doublethumb groove in A L98 Doublethumb exercise in D

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