Ch05 The minor7b5 chord

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The C minor 7b5 / Cm7b5 / C-7 b5 / C ø also know as the halfdiminished chord played in the 2 most common and practical positions.
NOTE! Im usually playin bass chords with the fifth omitted, so in most cases i start out with a normal m7 chord and add the flatted fifth

1st example:
root note – 1 (C) on E string – 8 fret
seventh – b7 (Bb) on D string – 8 fret
minor third – b3 (Eb) on G string – 8 fret
+ added
flatted fifth – b5 (Gb) on A string – 9 fret

2nd example:
root note – 1 (C) on Astring – 15 fret
minor third – b3 (Eb) on D string – 13 fret
seventh – b7 (Bb) on G string – 15 fret
+ added chord shape
root note – 1 (C) on Astring – 15 fret
flatted fifth – b5 (Gb) on D string – 16 fret
seventh – b7 (Bb) on G string – 15 fret

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