Win the first MarloweDK Signature Bass

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Well, now its official, you can win my signature bass:-) Check the rules from Sandberg Guitars below: Here is some additional information about the Sandberg Guitars MarloweDK Signature Bass Video Contest 2012. You can enter the contest in 2 ways. If you're coming to Musikmesse Frankfurt (21.-24. March 2012), we will shoot your video @ the Sandberg booth (every day from 3pm to 6pm). Just come by and bring your talent, everything else (recording, editing, etc) will be done by Gregor Fris. If you can't make it to the Messe, you can record your own video and send it to us via email to (please use or something similar). It's an INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION - so you can participate - NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE FROM! You can edit your video by yourself or just send the clips and let Gregor do it. The video should have a maximum length of 2-3 minutes! The deadline for "email-videos" is March the 30th! All videos will be released at the 1st of April on the official Sandberg Guitars YouTube channel ( The winner will be the one who gets the most THUMBS UP for his video on YOUTUBE. We'll count the thumps up on April the 15th at 8pm middle-european time. PLEASE play YOUR OWN music, NO COVERS! Please use only fair methods to "get" thumbs up. If we get the feeling that your votes multiply unnaturally or seem to increase according to a scheme, we will probably disqualify your video subsequently. The 1st price is the first ever built Sandberg MarloweDK Signature Bass, the ORIGINAL prototype. The 2nd price will be a great new amp by TC Electronic (it will NOT be immediately available after the winners are chosen). IF YOU ARE UNDERAGE, YOU NEED A WRITTEN (and signed) PERMISSION FROM YOUR PARENTS! Please send this along with your video or take it with you to the Messe. All participants who attend the contest at our Musikmesse booth (Hall 4.0 Booth B97) will receive a super secret gift bag, with great presents by Sandberg Guitars and TC Electronic. If you have further questions, send an email to For the implementation of this contest is responsible: Gregor Fris. We assume no responsibility for any errors, but we give the greatest effort! So now - HAVE FUN GUYS! - impress us and fight for your brand new bass (even if it looks old) 🙂

soporific said,

March 8, 2012 @ 6:59 pm

Cool. Not that I’ve got a chance, but it’s fun to do. Can I loop stuff?


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