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This is the "official" site for me - bassplayer/musicteacher Thomas Risell aka marloweDK best known by the internet public from my YouTube bass videos . But im not the only one here giving lessons, you can enjoy the lessons of many talented guest teachers too:-) This site will host video tutorials, selected sheetmusic/ tab, articles and advice by me or guest teachers on how to learn and develop electric bass playing, ranging from beginner to fairly advanced topics. I hope you'll enjoy the lessons, ideas, videos provided. Feel free to comment on the individual videos, i'll try my best to answer questions you might have. Also some general advice/thoughts on practicing, links to bass/music related websites, recommendation of books, learning material, how to sign up for live video chat lessons and other stuff... This IS a labor of love , everything is FREE, so you're more than welcome to support this site with a small donation - top left button labeled"Donate" wants to be tickled;-) And I'll even send you 50 detailed written transcriptions of  videos in standard notation and Tab if you donate more than 20 $ Alternatively, if you wish to purchase some of my recommendations please do it through the links given (I only recommend what ive used and checked out personally) DISCLAIMER! All the material on PlayBassNow.com - videos, original transcriptions etc are owned by the author or guest teachers of Playbassnow.com and can ONLY be used for educational purposes and inspiration. PS I would recommend that you register - some content will only be available to members

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