L378 Funky fingerstyle bass groove with crazy fill

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites Again i use the open strings for sinister purposes;-) A groovy bassline you can use over a E7, E9, E13 chord  using the Em dorian scale with the Major 3rd added (G#) Omit the G# and use it over a minor Chord/key Im playing my Sandberg California MarloweDK Signature 5-string bassstrung with Dunlop Nickel strings, through a tc electronic BG250 combo , using the direct out, into Logic Pro Im favoring the bridge pickup in this lick You can easily play this on a 4 string bass, just substitute the E 5th fret on the B string with the open E on the E string Download L378 Transcription/TAB in Pdf here Download L378 Guitar Pro 5 and GPX format here
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