L365 Tap, Slap & Pluck – Slap bass in A

FavoriteLoadingAdd to favorites This A minor groove uses the "left hand tap" originally one of Abe Laboriel's many slap techniques but widely popularized by  Victor Wooten ,it requires some left hand strength (or low action). The main figure is Tap, Thumb, Pluck - Tap, Thumb, Pluck... Otherwise there is good use of the open strings, i love the crispness of the open G and D string Remember to let the notes ring where indicated in the transcription(end of bar 2 and bar 4) Im playing my Sandberg Califiornia MarloweDK signature bass strung with Dunlop nickel strings, gauge 45-105 through a tc electronic RH450 amp Read about here http://www.sandberg-guitars.com/basscat-overview/calt-series/calmadk Downloads hidden for non subscribers, please subscribe to download PDF and Guitar Pro 5 TAB/transcriptions


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