L95 Finger funk in Em

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pp0bass said,

April 25, 2010 @ 8:33 pm

génial! merci thanks

Funkadelic92 said,

June 21, 2008 @ 8:06 pm

great ;D

ThadewGrum said,

June 18, 2008 @ 10:28 am

Thats what I call a funky groove. Sublimt 🙂

rvz said,

June 17, 2008 @ 8:14 pm

YES !!! great muted fingerfunk ! thanks Marlowe

aries777 said,

June 17, 2008 @ 6:09 pm

love the tone!!!

rebelsean said,

June 17, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

Great sound Marlowe, thanks Sean

ZeppelinBass said,

June 17, 2008 @ 1:51 pm

Hi Marlowe!

Amazing groovy line. This tone coming up from your bass … just perfect. I’m searching allways this kind of sound. It’ll be very interesting to read some words about your EQ, Compression, etc

Its the Stingray sound + the korg px4d of course + my fingers

ingrediensen said,

June 17, 2008 @ 9:59 am

Totally agree! 🙂

simonj said,

June 16, 2008 @ 10:46 pm

Another great groove Marlowe. Love the muting. thxs.


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