Vince Di Francesco

Vince Di Francesco

Teacher profile: Vince Di Francesco

Hi, I'm Vince from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I am 20 years old, and have been playing bass for about 7 years. I play in progressive band called Bison ( I'm a graduate of Mohawk College in Hamilton, and currently studying at Humber College in Toronto, Canada. I'm really into funk, progressive, jazz, latin, and pop music. I have always been interested in the bass's ability to be a lead instrument without forgetting our fundamental role as BASS players. With that philosophy, it may be easy to understand that I'm influenced by players like Jaco Pastorius, Flea, Juan Alderete, John Wetton, and Stuart Zender, who play(ed) that type of role on the bass. That being said, I still enjoy any good music, no matter what style or genre.

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