Danny Stewart

Danny Stewart

Teacher profile: Danny Stewart

Scottish born bassist / guitarist / composer and teacher Endorsing Bacchus basses and residing in Tokyo. Currently performing in my Unique Bass-lead cross-over quartet "Innobassion", accompanying pianist Michal Sobkowiak, and often working with ZMZ productions team around Tokyo playing Urban Grooves, Acid-Jazz and Fusion. Also running online Bass shop at www.dannymstewart.com and on ebay under Bass_and_beyond, selling new and used Japanese hand made basses (and guitars too). I've been lucky enough to have toured and worked with some great artists along the way when living in London. Was bassist for the Kevin Davey Quartet, Ayub Ogada (Realworld Records), The Root Source (A great psychedelic Jazz-Funk band), Mumagi Du Kru (Supported Jeff Mills and Andy Weatherall at Lost events), Kitoto (an East London based Soukous group). Co wrote and recorded with Jhelisa Andersen(Warner), Played and recorded with Johnathan Gee, Robert Mitchell (Dune) and a number of other up and coming Jazz artists on the London circuit....now a father of three, I'm working more on teaching and composition, though still perform with my power duo. Honored to be here at PlayBassNow.com and able to share in all these great insights into bass playing with such fine teachers and musicians! Cheers!



Website: http://www.dannymstewart.com

Lessons by Danny Stewart:

G minor Groove: Using Passing Notes (Beginner – Intermediate)

Really Useful Riffs: Funky 10ths

G Minor Groove With Passing Notes

Advanced palm mute plucking technique.

Timing Exercise: Sub divisions

Exercise using 10ths and Scale Fragments – Intermediate

Adding more interest to your Bossa lines!

Slappifying your Bossa lines!!

Jazz Improv: More Dominant 7 Talk / playing “Outside” and playing with intention!

Bass Soloing: A key formula for developing solos.

Using Natural Harmonics On The Bass

Parallel Tapping On Bass

Chordal Tapping on Bass; Demons Excerpt #2

Chordal Tapping On Bass; Demons Excerpt #1

Walking Bass Studies; Using Chromatics and Tri-Tone Substitutions

Deviser factory and showroom tour! See where some of Japan’s finest bass brands are made!

Learning Jazz Standards; Practice routine and tips (based on Fly Me To The Moon)

Dorian Studies in Ab minor. Linking arpeggios for melodic sense.

Soloing Essentials: Melodic Scale fragments over a 2-5-1 in C Major

Groove Essentials: Acid Jazz groove using 7ths octaves and sliding 9ths

Little Sunflower: Arranged for horns and Picollo Bass.

Really Useful Riffs: D7 riff #2

Really Useful Riffs: D7 Riff #1

The Chicken; Advanced soloing concepts

Soloing over The Chicken; Intermediate

Sexy Slides & Growls

Super speedy lick in G major.

Advanced Chordal Tapping: Danny M’s Inno-bass-ion Summertime Intro pt2.

Advanced Chordal Playing; Using Minor / Major 9ths

Beginner Bassics; Three essential ways to play an arpeggio,

Funk Essentials: Double Stops & Chromatics In Funk Fills

Slap Bass Essentials: Fast Oscillating Slide

Slap Bass: Heavy Rock Pedal Riff

Jazz Bass Essentials: Inflections in walking bass

Slap Essentials: Sliding Octaves

Bass Talk: Action and String Gauge

Hi-Life / Afro-Pop style groove and picking method

Guitar style finger picking technique on bass

Slap and Tap Bass Mania with Danny M’s Duality Live!

Knowing Your Bass: Practicing blind

Bass Soloing; The importance of vocalization (Advanced players)

Slap Essentials: Advanced; Hammered & Popped tenths

Soloing Essentials: GM7 linked Arpeggio Lick over D7

Groove Essentials 2: Chromatic Fills In G7

Soloing Essentials: Melodic 5ths lick in G7

Groove Essentials: Sexy Sliding 5ths Fill

Slap Essentials 2; introducing popping (beginners)

Latin patterns 2. Funky IIV alternative.

Slap Essentials 1; Thumbing the bass (beginners)

Samba Pattern Variations