Teacher profile: Bassistik

French bass player, touring with Jurassik Funk (Old school funk), Wabash (jazz-fusion)


Lessons by Bassistik:

Testing the Neuser fretless bass bridge

Bass & Drums workout (intermediate)

Bassistik – “This time” funk fusion groove

Bassistik- “Serpico” funk fusion bass groove

Bassistik groove : Jurassik Funk #2 (slap)

Bassistik groove – Jurassik Funk #1

” Where’s Life” – chords and melodic tapping

Palm muting groove #1

Bassistik trailer – Detroit theme (Marcus Miller)

groove workshop #2

“Detroit” bass groove – Marcus Miller

jammin’ with Mike Clark on drums !!

Groovin’ with Steve Gadd drum sample

Slap It! bass grooves

James Brown bass grooves

Advanced slap groovasse

Marcus Miller – Blast Intro

Marcus Miller – Blast Theme 1st part

Jurassik Funk groove #1

Larry Graham – Pow groove

Alain Caron style – Groove N°1

Carol Kaye groove #2

Carol Kaye groove #1

Alain Caron groove style

Advanced slap groove – try this at home!!

Stevie Wonder – Sir duke Unison part

Try before buy: testing bass books I

Doug Wimbish style – Right hand slap effect

Double thumb bass groove 02

Step Bass groove – Percussive approach

Double thumb bass groove

Victor Wooten Etude #1

How can I create a bass line?

Marcus Miller – Power groove

Marcus Miller – Scoop Theme

Marcus Miller – Rampage groove

Marcus Miller Etude – Run for cover (groove)

Marcus Miller Etude – Scoop (groove)

Tapping lick – TL02

Tapping lick – TL01

Slap bass groove – SG08

Step bass groove – STG03

Step bass groove – STG02

Step Bass Groove – right hand fingering

Step bass groove – right hand slide

Step bass L02

Step bass L01 (beginners)

Step Bass ex01