Teacher profile: rajoe

Hi, I have been playing bass since 10 years now, and I have picked up the guitar, the drums and the upright bass in the meantime. Still, my main focus stayed on the bass and in the past 2 years I worked on my playing more focused then before. I am mostly self-taught, and YouTube-lesson-taught, but I also studied with Horváth "Plutó" József who has played with Matt Garrison and John Patitucci. While playing in the band of the legendary Hungarian flute player Török Ádám, in the"Mini Co.", I have come up with the idea of video bass lessons and started this educational project in late 2012. In these project, I focus on well-known artist playing and take small excerpts and pieces of their playing, and show them slow, including TAB and NOTATION. I hope you'll have fun with them! The old stuff stays online on my old channel, look for the new HD improved stuff on http://www.youtube.com/digthatbass! Join me on Facebook as well! http://www.facebook.com/digthatbass http://www.digthatbass.com - coming soon...eer.. or later ;) stay tuned for the videos!

Website: http://www.digthatbass.com

Lessons by rajoe:

Lesson #23 // Jaco Pastorius – Kuru – groove & string section unison line

Lesson #22 // Paul Chambers – Trane’s Blues – walking bass transcription & analysis

Lesson #21 // Bobby Vega- Gosh groove excerpt

Lesson #20 // Miki Santamaria – Dangerous tapping part

Lesson #19 // Jaco Pastorius – Okonkole Y Trompa

Lesson #18 // John Patitucci – Got a Match theme & bass part

Lesson #17 // Nino Bezerra – Youtube groove

Lesson #16 // Junior Braguinha – Solo pattern / Odd meter groove

Lesson #15 // Victor Wooten – Sex in a Pan [full song tutorial]

Lesson #14 // Meshell Ndegeocello – Make Me Wanna Holler (groove & fills)

Lesson #13 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 3)

Lesson #12 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 2)

Lesson #11 // Wilbur ‘Bad’ Bascomb – Hare Krishna (excerpt 1)

Lesson #10 // Jeff Berlin – Bach (part4)

Lesson #9 // Jeff Berlin – Bach (part3)

Lesson #8 // Jeff Berlin – Bach (part2)

Lesson #7 // Jeff Berlin – Bach (part1)

Rajoe’s Lesson#6 // Richard Bona – Dina Lam

Rajoe’s Lesson#5 // Evan Marien – Eternals and Apathetics (intro)

Rajoe’s Lesson#4 // Avishai Cohen – It’s been so long

Rajoe’s DigThatBass Lesson#3 /// Hair soundtrack – Hair

Rajoe’s DigThatBass Lesson#2 /// Marcus Miller solo excerpt

Bartolini CJBS 1 Deep Tone pickup demo

Rajoe’s DigThatBass Lesson#1 /// Victor Bailey – Kid Logic

rajoe groove lesson – r.e.d.

rajoe groove lesson – laguna

rajoe groove lesson – boring words

rajoe groove lesson – dorky squirrel p

rajoe groove lesson – happy roasted brain

Rajoe Groove Lesson – Take Hive