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I started playing bass in 1980, at the age of twelve. My older brother Kevin (by 3 years) always made sure to temper my musical tastes with such classics as Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue", Uzeb/Alain Caron, John Coltrane's "Giant Steps, Bob Marley, Tower of Power, Level 42 and so on. I grew up in Halifax, played professionally through high school and went to Saint Francis Xavier for the Jazz Studies program 1988-90. I moved to Toronto to play with my brother, and in August 1991 was run over by a tractor trailer. I spent 2 years in the hospital. The result: a wheelchair/incomplete spinal cord injury and a left leg disarticulation. 35+ surgeries. This experience left me with the real knowledge that our time here is short. Do what you can to enjoy your life. Music, poetry, photography- these are how I relate to my Universe. After touring and gigging/recording for the last 17 years, I have newly committed myself to my instrument. I have been a very capable sideman, concentrating on groove and warm tone. At 41 I am re-embracing the Chopsmeister I was as a younger man. My lessons will be about what I consider the real business of being a bassist- good internalized time, good tone, playing good lines that are appropriate for the job at hand, and having fun doing the best job on the planet. I hope you enjoy what I will produce, and I am very grateful and happy to share whatever meagre knowledge I have.


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