Mark Marxon

Mark Marxon

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Mark has completed a bachelor of music at Newcastle University where he studied under Peter Gray(channel 10 band/Newcastle Conservatorium) for 4 years. He also studied under Steve Hunter (Chic Corea/Kim Lawson Trio/AIM) for 6 months. You can find tutorials from Mark as a guest teacher on the PLAYBASSNOW.COM website which is run by the Sandberg Signiture artist and YOUTUBE star, MarloweDK (aka Thomas Risell). He is a contributor to Bass Musician Magazine as an educator and has also been a guest teacher for Bass Players United. He enjoys being a sought after session player in NSW, Australia both live and in the studio. This year will see Mark touring the East Coast of Australia, releasing his first book and his first bass focused Ep as a band leader. He is also going to Germany in September to cover Warwick's Basscamp 2014 for Bass Musician Magazine. Mark is an endorsed "Warwick Artist" and proud to be part of the Warwick artist family.


Lessons by Mark Marxon:

Quick Lick #2

COOL rhythmic exercise!!

Suck My Kiss Bass Tutorial

Quick Lick #1

How to play RATM – Bombtrack

Improving YOUR bass voice – Articulation Exercise #1


Compound exercise – triads, 16ths, string skipping and the cylcle of fourths

Greasey Groove with SLIDING natural harmonics

Beginner Lesson – counting and playing 16th notes

Easy Bach on Bass Tutorial

Slapping and grooving a chordal melody

What a Wonderful World – Solo Bass Arrangement

Lick Lesson – fat groove with double thumbing

FLEA bass solo lesson – naked in the rain

Lick Lesson – Cool Groove in G with fills

Lick Lesson – Melodic Slap #2

Lick Lesson – Melodic Slap #1