Johan Volman

Johan Volman

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Hi, I'm Johan Volman (a.k.a.Basso) from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. I started playing the bass guitar at age 15. Since then I played in all kinds of bands, from bluesrock to Joe Satriani covers with guitar player Marcel Coenen. Since the beginning of 2011 I am the bassplayer for the Dutch band Mindpark. Out debut album We will adapt has been released last year and the reviews in the press were raving. For more info please visit: My main influences on the bass are: Jaco Pastorius, Geddy Lee, Bootsy Collins, Flea, James Jamerson, Sting, Pete Trewavas and MarloweDK :-) Gear: Fender American Standard Precision (with Aero pickup), Fender '75 reissue Jazz Bass MIJ with Fender CS60 pickups, a Music Man Stingray, Ampeg amplification, Tech 21 SansAmp VT Bass deluxe, MXR M82 envelope filter,Korg DT10 tuner. You can always contact me for more information or questions. Cheers, Johan


Lessons by Johan Volman:

Mindpark – Beautiful morning (6/8 time exercise)

Funky dead note groove

Tapping lick using power chord arpeggio’s

Muted picking lesson in A minor

Bass lick Geddy Lee style

Tapping Major and Minor chords