Guido Ponzini

Guido Ponzini

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Graduated at CPM in Milan for electric bass, he study Viola da Gamba with Master Roberto Gini and Experimental Composition at A.Boito Conservatory. As bass player and stick player he works with artists from Peter Gabriel's Real World recording label and world music musicians, such as Guo Yue, Ayub Ogada, Joji Hirota, Adel Salameh, Naziha Azzouz, Vladimir Denissenkov, Wu Fei, etc... As producer/composer/sound designer he works for theater and video productions for television and contemporary exibithions. After his solo debut cd, "Twilight Town", published by the german label Ozella Music, in May 2010 will be released his new album, "Plugin Contemporary", a classical contemporary concert for chapman stick and string quartet played with musicians of Ennio Morricone and Nicola Piovani. The album, released by american label Porter Records, will feature also "Ponzini plays Uematsu", a suite of 6 pieces played on viola da gamba of the famous japanese composer.


Lessons by Guido Ponzini:

The BassLab – Ep1 – “Surfin’ with Log Drums”

Bassline with harmonics on fretless bass

Bassline on fretless lesson 1