Damian Erskine

Damian Erskine

Teacher profile: Damian Erskine

Damian Erskine is not your ordinary bass player. While not touring, Damian hones his chops with some of the best jazz and latin musicians the West coast has to offer. Damian is known for his ability to fit into any musical situation and his extraordinary reading and improvising skills. Damian has played either in the studio or on stage with the likes of Teri-Lynn Carrington, Gino Vannelli, John Ellis, Shawn Pelton, Brandon Ross, Les McCann, Jeff Lorber, Charmaine Neville, Luis Perdomo, Peter Erskine, Tony Furtado, Kate Schutt, Alan Jones, Ore. Jazz Society Hall of Famer Dan Balmer, Flamenco phenom Toshi Onizuka, Klezmocracy, Salsa virtuoso Ramsey Embick, songstress Stephanie Schneiderman as well as being featured on the GospelChops.com "Shed Sessionz Vol. 1" DVD. Whether playing as a sideman or with his own trio, he is known for his rock solid bass work, virtuosic solos and thoughtful chordal abilities.

Website: http://www.DAMIANERSKINE.com

Lessons by Damian Erskine:

Metronomes can be fun

Adding flavor to a line without overplaying

Using 5ths on the bass