Teacher profile: casimer

Casimer has been playing now for 16 years and is busy playing with various gigging bands in and around the London area. Last year he entered and won the Institute/Ernie Ball Music Man Sholarship Competition and then studied at The Institute, based in Kilburn, for a year. He wrote a column in UK based Bass Guitar Magazine talking about his experiences on the course for that year. Casimer performed at the London Bass Guitar Show on the 12 & 13 March, 2011 as a Music Man Demonstrator and will be performing again in 2012. His basses include a Music Man Stingray (courtesy of Music Man), a Warwick Corvette Standard and a 5 String Lakland Skyline. (Profile photograph by Razvan Diaconu)


Lessons by casimer:

MusicMan Stingray Classic Review

Rocco Prestia Style Groove

ICMP Scholarship Diary #2

ICMP Scholarship Diary #1

E Slap Double-thumb/Pluck Technique (BL11)

16th note groove/exercise in C (BL10)

Funky Finger Style in A

F# Dorian slap bass (double thumb/pluck) SL04

F# Pentatonic fingerstyle groove FP01

Modes of the major scale

Michael Manring gig

Major scale exercises

Practice log 29.9.09

E Fingerstyle Groove

E Dorian Slap Groove EDS01