Bruno Tauzin

Bruno Tauzin

Teacher profile: Bruno Tauzin

I'm a solo bass player/instructor from France.

I'm also author, composer, guitarist and percussionist and I've release 4 books on bass (in French). My solo bass album with complete transcription is available on my website: Myspace


Lessons by Bruno Tauzin:

Hofner HCT500/1 – Demo

Ditto Looper – Improvisation – Hellborg Bass

“Ombre” – 6 String Bass Chords Solo

Fretless – Gary Willis – “Mech X”

Smooth Jazz Solo

“Languir me fais” – Bass Solo

Bourrée – Bass Solo

Gary Willis – “Anthem”

Jingle Bells

Ibanez GVB1006 – Improvisation

Bass Solo – “La Tourneuse”

Super Slap Bass Solo

Super Slap Bass Solo

Funky Bass

Bill Evans – “Interplay”

Super Slap Groove

Bass Solo – “Summertime”

Super Slap/Tap Groove

Carlos Santana “Europa”

Ibanez SR1206 Premium – Bass Blues

Gary Willis – “Working Blue”

Tower of Power #6 – “Only so much oil…”

Bach #4

Rock Bass #3

Bass Duo – “Le Gnu se régale”

Walking #4 – “Bebop”

Bass Solo – Tchaikovski – “La Pathétique”

Fretless Groove

Fretless Bass Solo – “Le Gnu”

Gerald Veasley – “Shango”

Backing Track #2 – C Dorian

Fretless Groove

Bass Solo – “Wow”

Tower of Power #5 – “Credit”

Bach Bass #3

Rock Bass #2

Jazz Standard #10 – “Take Five”

Shred #4

TM Stevens – “Boom”

Esperanza Spalding – Radio Song

Tribal Tech (Gary Willis) – “Time Lapse”

Walking Bass #3 – “Blues in F”

Slap Funk #5

Tower of Power #4

Backing Track #1 – Ab mixolydian

Jazz Standard #9 – Stella by Starlight

Jazz Standard #8 – Someday my prince will come

Jazz Standard #7 – So What

Style Gary Willis #4

Jazz Standard #6 – “Satin Doll”