Teacher profile: Blyss Blyss is a versatile and seasoned bassist whose musical journey began in the famous Treme neighborhood of New Orleans, La. Since relocating the San Francisco Bay Area Blyss has played with many well known Bay Area artists and ensembles in addition to national recording and touring acts like R&B singer Jon B , singer/songwriter Nya Jade and Urban Punk featuring Sergio Medes & Black Eyed Peas protege H20 and American Idol Season 3 Finalist LaToya London. While supporting an eclectic array of artists Blyss has also shared stages with Outkast, Evanescence, Maroon 5, the Dave Mathews Band, the Roots, Raphael Saadiq and has played and recorded with members of Michael Bolton, Shania Twain, Janet Jackson, Stevie Wonder & David Bowie’s backing bands. Blyss holds a Bachelor of Arts from California State University, East bay and stays busy playing with the 6:13 Band and Orchestra at Neighborhood Church in Castro Valley, Ca., Bridges Community Church, The Oakland Youth Chorus, private instruction,and various freelance gigs in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. He also works with two wonderful non-profit organizations that provide Music education to elementary school students in Foster City, Redwood City, Ca. Website Blyss Proudly Endorses: Aguilar Amplification Mike Lull Custom Guitars Gruv Gear Dunlop / MXR Bass Innovations Mono Cases


Lessons by Blyss:

Bass Lesson /// Let’s Work – Prince

How to play “I want you back” by the Jackson 5

How to play “Get On the Floor” by Michael Jackson

Groove Academy Skype Bass Lesson | California – France | Groove Concepts

Intro to Upright for Electric Players 2

Intro to Upright for Electric Bassists 1

Bass Tip: Getting friendly with the piano/keyboard

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Funky Friday # 5 Ohio Players Sweet Sticky Thing

Funky Friday #4 – Lettuce “Do it like You Do”

Funky Friday #3 – Pleasure | “Glide”

Funky Friday #2 – Ojay’s | For the Love of Money

Funky Friday #1 – Cameo | Candy

How to Play Bass | The Meters | Cissy Strut

How to play Never Too Much by Luther Vandross

Lettuce | Lettsanity

Morris Day and the Time | Cool

Morris Day & The Time | Get it Up

Duran Duran | Rio

The Time | 777-9311

Prince – Let’s Work

Prince’s Bass Lines | Soft & Wet

Surviving the Scene 7: Energy

Surviving the Scene 6: Are you a pro?

Surviving the Scene 5: Practicing

Surviving the Scene: Reading Music

Surviving the Scene: Subbing

Surviving the Scene: Keeping Gigs

Surviving the Scene: Getting Gigs

Visualizing Groove Part 2

Visualizing Groove Part 1

Good Times – PAL and HT (for Hooky :o)

Maxwell – Ascencion (don’t ever wonder)

Dewey Tucker. Heaven Just got “Funkier”

This Place Hotel – The Jacksons – playalong with breakdown

Cameo: Shake Your Pants (P.A.L and H2)

E Funk (with Boss Auto Wah)

A Minor Wah-ish

Let’s Work

Major Scale Positions Part 2 of 2

Major Scale Positions Part 1 of 2

Practice: my personal experience.