Teacher profile: MarloweDK

Bassplayer/musicteacher and founder of -Thomas Risell aka MarloweDK best known by the internet public from his YouTube bass videos.

Lessons by MarloweDK:

Backing track – Major7 in all keys

Backing track – Minor 7 in all keys

Funky Fm Dorian bass fill

Hip pentatonic patterns in depth

Cool Bluesy bassline with fills in G with backing track

Ethan Farmer – FUNK BASS MASTER – interviewed by MarloweDK

L378 Funky fingerstyle bass groove with crazy fill

Funk jam on Fender VI bass

Bass fretboard position shift lesson

L377 A7#9 chord bass groove with legato fill

L376 Funky bass groove with open strings

Bassplayer Neil Jason – Interview by MarloweDK

L375 Five string bass “gospel” style groove

C Major triad entire fretboard bass exercise

The Perfect Slap Bass sound?

Vashon Johnson, bassplayer for Miley Cyrus, interview by MarloweDK

L374 Rock bass with MXR Bass Overdrive

L373 Funky fingerstyle bass groove on MarloweDK five string bass

L372 Cool minor bass lick in all keys

L371 Funky bass lick and fill with envelope filter

L370 Fat “Synthy” bass groove with legato fill

L369 Cool bass groove with harmonics and doublestop chords

How to play a advanced pentatonic bass run in all keys

L368 Funky Slap with cross string hammerons

L367 Cool blues bass lick

L366 Funky Triplet bass groove with G minor pentatonic scale

Simple “root-fifth” bass line practice in all 12 keys

How to learn the fretboard with a rock bassline

Pentatonic scale fills

L365 Tap, Slap & Pluck – Slap bass in A

Bass groove demonstration – how to jam

L364 Funky slap with open strings

How to fade a note on bass

L363 Funky slap bass lesson

How to get NEW bass strings in 2 minutes!

How to do trills and shakes on bass

Jackson 5 Medley – Michael Jackson – Bass Play along

2. Keyboard bass for bass players

Keyboard bass for bass players

How to use vibrato on bass

How to groove on bass

L362 Cool bass run in Em using scale substitutions

Bass impro using scale substitution – major over minor

L361 Minor pentatonic rock bass exercise

L360 Relaxed funky fingerstyle bass groove

L359 Groovy fingerstyle bass in D

L358 Soulfunk fingerstyle groove

L357 Em groove with pentatonic fill

Piccolo bass jam in the dorian minor mode

L356 Disco bass groove in Gm