Adam Neely

Adam Neely

Teacher profile: Adam Neely

Adam Neely is an electric and upright bass player/composer from the Washington DC area.

Adam's is the winner of the 2009 Herb Pomeroy award for excellence in jazz composition as well as the winner of the 2006 Maryland Distinguished Scholar in the Arts award and the 2006 Berklee North American Tour scholarship. He is also an active theater musician, composer and private teacher.

You can check out his music and read his composition blog here:


Lessons by Adam Neely:

Bass Note Reharm (A Bassist’s Secret Weapon)

Quintuplet Swing and Perpetuum Mobile

Weekly Bass Tip – Practicing Articulation

Weekly Bass Tip – Playing with a Capo!

Weekly Bass Tip – Crash studies in Reading

Weekly Bass Tip – Playing with a…sock?

Weekly Bass Tip – Counting To Improve Internal Rhythm

One-Finger Technique

Chords on Bass #6 – Alpha Voicings

Chords on Bass # 5 – Shell Voicings

Chords on Bass #4 – Harmonizing the Major Scale

Chords on Bass #3 – Open Position Triads

Chords On Bass #2 – Close Position Triads

Chords on Bass #1 – Pros and Cons

Practicing Dominant 7 Arpeggios

Practicing Minor 7 Arpeggios

Practicing Major 7 Arpeggios

Practicing Diminished Arpeggios

Practicing Augmented Arpeggios

Practicing Minor Arpeggios

Practicing Major Arpeggios

Solo Concepts – Lyrical Motivic Development

Chord Scales – Part II

Chord Scales – Part I

Developing Safe Right Hand Technique

Developing Safe Left Hand Technique

Exploring the Minor Pentatonic Scale – Non-Linear Sequences 2

Exploring the Minor Pentatonic Scale – Non-Linear Sequences 1

Exploring the Minor Pentatonic Scale – Linear Sequences