Teacher profile: pudsy440

I have an extensive history with different bands and have played many styles of music for over 30 years, blues, rock, reggae, funk, country, etc.... I believe you should experiment with as many musical genres as you possibly can to make yourself more versatile as a musician, especially if you want to be available and ready for any projects as a bassist. I've never tried to fit into any particular mold and I believe that is reflected somewhat in my style. Good luck and thanks for viewing my learning videos.

Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/Pudsy440

Lessons by pudsy440:

Jazzy Bass Riff in G

Some Finger Funk in A

Bass Chords and Drone Tones

Fun Rock Bass Lick in E

Riff in A with Open Strings

Outside Woman Blues

Short Blues Chords Refresher

A Funk Riff in A Exploration

Bluesy Riff to a Shuffle Rhythm

Jazzy Walking Bass Line in A

Crazy Country Music Bass Line Tutorial

Reggae Bass Backing Track Lesson / Jam (D)

A – C – G Rock Riff Lesson

Finger Funk with 4 Easy 2 Note Chords

“John Lee” Style Blues in E

Chunky Funk in A Lesson

Easy Reggae Bass Line Lesson

3 Standard Bass Line Variations for Blues in B

Groovin Bass Line in E

Rolling Rock Riff in “A”

Rock Out in “G”



Rhythm Loop Fun

Easy Fingerstyle Funk

How to play – Crossroads

Improvised rock bass Key of A

A Riff with Bends, Pull offs & Slide

Slap Riff in E minor